With the exhibition of Herman Mao’s talented work, the Naço Gallery aims at fostering sensitivity to contemporary urban forms and opening people’s eyes to changing “habitus”. The understanding of today’s world helps us to better reconsider the conservation of our patrimony. Out of it result our desire for architecture and will to always promote creative thinking.

We value Herman’s pictures as a personal way to observe diverse horizons and look at things. Highlighting a world in ruins, totally lost in the reflection of itself, his approach indirectly points out the collapse of an empire as well as a collective imagination. The end of the American dream facing the slowdown of the Asian Tiger Miracle opens the floor for discussion.

Indeed, with Philadelphia years, we can witness the narration of crumbling urban territories where buildings fall apart and remain skeletons of deserted landscapes. Railways, children mental hospital, residential houses, cars, factories, even state penitentiary, the all city seems to have turned into an open air garbage dump yet with a poetic and strong meaning.

On the other hand, Treasure Island Wonderdreams puts special emphasis on the soul of architecture projects and the nostalgia of an era: the 60’s in Taiwan. In this peaceful wild environment, colors have lost their brilliance and brightness. What used to be perceived as “avant garde” is now sentenced to erosion, dismantling and deterioration.

And finally, nature starts to embrace life again over there…


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