Emily recently moved to Hong Kong in May 2011.

Graduated in Paris, at ENSAD ( Ecole nationale superieure des Arts Decoratifs in June 2007) Major Graphic Design, Emilie has been living and working in Japan (Tokyo) as a graphic designer, illustrator for W+K Tokyo Office for about two years (2009-2011) and W+K Shanghai for a year from (2008 to 2009).

“I have always been attracted by things, places, people that are different. It inspires my work. I arrived in Asia four years ago and I find difficult to leave it. Asia is so dynamic, exciting, so many things are happening or about to happen.

“Living in unfamiliar places, cities, countries, are always a challenge, sometimes very uneasy, but it makes you know yourself more, it makes you create things that you might never have been able to imagine before.”

I left Shanghai 3 years ago, and I’m really excited to go back there and have a show in the first asian city I moved in after Paris. I have a lot of good memories there because I was constantly discovering things, from a new culture.

I moved to Asia, many people are asking me : “What is your favorite city? Shanghai? Tokyo? Hong-Kong?” And every time it’s quite hard to answer that question. I also realized that places are related to your emotions, sensibility, love stories, that build the perception of the environment you live in. That’s why lots of daily and casual things, such as food, basic objects, people faces, are often represented along with a sentence, a thought, that I might had when looking at these things, that surrounds me, that are part of my own strange french-asian world.”


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