The term ¨Bad Painting¨ can also be use to described the works of Yuan Chongyin, Frederic Matagne and Johann Rivat. But in this case it’s more a common based that they used to create a dialog between their different cultures and experiences, and to exchange about their similar practice: ¨the painted picture¨. As they define themselves: ¨the painting is a picture that think. It is a visual experience for both the artist and the viewer¨. Their paintings are emerging while doing. It is a process that brings thought and action together, one responding to the other. At the beginning it is never define what the ¨painted picture¨ will be. To paint is an experience. For these artists, art does not deliver a message, it is not an illustration and they are not helping the viewer to found it. It is simply a singular regard on the world we live in try to be available to other. It is a ¨sharing experience¨. It is a relationship, which does not work all the time. For a relation to work both parties need to be available, to listen and to talk. At the end, it is you, the viewer that finish the painting.


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