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18 avril 2011

The human brain classifies and sorts information in two categories through the intermediary of the hippocampus, a sort of Grand Central Station of the mind. Each and every person, animal, object, place and sign that you will encounter during the course of your life will pass through its doors.


L’esprit humain classe chaque information en 2 catégories par l’intermédiaire de l’hippocampe, sorte de chatelet-les-halles de l’information. Chaque personne, animal, objet, lieux, marque que vous êtes susceptible de croiser tout au long de votre vie passe par la.



18 avril 2011

Naço Galerie is proud to present the solo show “Octagon” from art director Charles MUNKA Ques, aka Charles Munka has been creating artwork in Hong Kong for over a year now. His jagged urban landscapes shout of disconnection through a cacophany of ever building shapes and sounds on giant canvasses. Those familiar with the emerging L.A experimental beat scene will be familiar with his style, as he has toured extensively throughout Asia, America and Europe creating his art live at large gigs in major cities with the Brainfeeder crew. His gateway to the Westside came via Andrew Meza of BTS Radio in LA, who in thoroughly modern fashion met through MySpace and began collaborating on logos and designs for the music.



18 avril 2011

Florent started his photography career shooting for Paris news agencies and his television career producing and directing documentaries and TV series. He moved to the USA from 1992 to 1997 (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco) where he directed music video’s special effects, designed and managed interactive interface projects and advertising campaigns. His photography work has been featured in US mass media. He moved to Shanghai in 2003, photographed and directed films for the city’s highest skyscrapers and five-star hotels. He also worked with fashion magazines and later on presented the exhibition « Culture Clash ». In 2007, He directed « Rush », a TV spot announcing the first Shanghai eARTS festival. Today’s “Shanghai Beats 1.0” is a new version of his Shanghai Compass 1.0 Installation + Photo Exhibition that includes new urban beats. 20 Shanghai Compass 1.0 HD films were presented @ MoCA Shanghai, in October & November 2007. Shanghai Compass 1.0 Installation + Photo Exhibition were presented @ Duolun Museum of Modern Arts in July 2008 in a solo show and in March 2010 at The Nut with DJ Undercover. In Paris, Le Cube Digital Arts Center presented World Compass Beta in April 2009 and World Compass 1.0 in February 2010. Let yourself flow in the new films of Florent Nicolas Wendling and get a new architectural urban feeling and view of Shanghai.


18 avril 2011

“Beauty is a form of talent. In reality, it is even greater than talent, as beauty needs no explanation.” The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde

Naço Galerie is proud to present its 5th exhibition, a talented shanghainese artist, Mu Xi. City-dweller and poet, Zhang Zhenyu, alias Mu Xi, is a 100 % made in Shanghai artist. Born and raised in Shanghai in the 80’s, he attended the Shanghai Arts & Crafts College and majored in Design in 2002. His “Portraits of Youth” offer a poetic reflection on nature, life and the human body. Mu Xi’s Art work is firstly created by sketch on paper then edited on computer design technologies.


18 avril 2011

The term ¨Bad Painting¨ can also be use to described the works of Yuan Chongyin, Frederic Matagne and Johann Rivat. But in this case it’s more a common based that they used to create a dialog between their different cultures and experiences, and to exchange about their similar practice: ¨the painted picture¨. As they define themselves: ¨the painting is a picture that think. It is a visual experience for both the artist and the viewer¨. Their paintings are emerging while doing. It is a process that brings thought and action together, one responding to the other. At the beginning it is never define what the ¨painted picture¨ will be. To paint is an experience. For these artists, art does not deliver a message, it is not an illustration and they are not helping the viewer to found it. It is simply a singular regard on the world we live in try to be available to other. It is a ¨sharing experience¨. It is a relationship, which does not work all the time. For a relation to work both parties need to be available, to listen and to talk. At the end, it is you, the viewer that finish the painting.



18 avril 2011

“I am to the top of my bent representating the delicate touch and keen sense to this era with ink and wash while trying to endow some new tone and spirit to the ink and wash painting ”

Zhao Biru is an artist and graphic designer, who’s been loving and praticing since childhood, graduated from School of design, Wuxi University of Light Industry, China. Biru never stops her painting creation: she entered China Academy of Art for further study and began her cooperation with Art Scene China in Shanghai in the year 2003. In 2004, she went to France and was enrolled in l’Ecole Superieur d’Art et de Design (ESAD) to study for the degree of Superior National Plastic Arts. Now Biru is living in Paris.


18 avril 2011

Six young and talented ceramic designers are brought into the spot light for the first time, rather then their products alone. The word “China” seems to always bring up the image of a mysteriously beautiful porcelain vase. For centuries, this country has indeed been known as the land of porcelain. Chinese Ceramics Art, as glorious as it once was had come to what seemed like a dead end; the market was full of tired-looking reproductions, or some half-baked modern pieces catered to the tourists. See how ceramic designers bring the design back to the basics: pure forms, subtle colors and clear purposes. And how they carry on a tradition, and paradoxically breaking away from it at the same time.