EXPOSITION #24 DISLOCATION Photographie par Aurélie Le Maître

28 janvier 2014


EXPOSITION #23 IMPULSION La mobilité et le quartier Aligre 1779

15 avril 2013


EXPOSITION #22 – Exposition de photographies de François Poivret

15 février 2013

Expo#22-François Poivret


5 décembre 2012



3 décembre 2012

Hello Everybody, and Girls espacially!

Lets entrer the world of Sylvette by discovering her new collection of stylish skirts and why not cracking up for some of them…

Wednesay, 12th of December, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at the Naço Gallery : Come for a girly drink among Sylvette’s creations!

Lets enjoy this presentation of collection altogether!
The Naço GallerySylvette_XmasShop_Naco


29 octobre 2012

Galerie Naço


17 septembre 2012


6 septembre 2012


21 août 2012

Naço Gallery (Shanghai) is a creative platform supported by our architecture agency, Naço Architectures (www.naco.net). This project arises from a desire to promote talents, communicate powerful ideas and broaden our achitect/designer vision! We have had the pleasure to present more then 14 artists / designers from various backgrounds: video-digital-ceramic-painting, etc…

Ludovic Zuili’s career browses between audiovisual productions and photographic works, his experiences feeding from one to another. After graduating in Film studies, Ludovic was director of photography for several short-fims and is now working on his first short film.

With a strong sensitiveness to the fashion world, Ludovic has co-directed commercial videos for famous brands such as “Louis Vuitton” and “Printemps”, including working cooperation with famous photographer Olivier Zahm.

The diptych series “8 Ways to Die” is representing 8 crime scenes taking place in random American Motel bedrooms. Each diptych is made up of a 2 photographs: a woman’s corpse inside the bedroom associated with an outside picture of the Motel where the crime was committed.

Ludovic’s artwork is paying tribute to all the American shows and thrillers that have inspired him. While staging 8 ways to die in 8 different motels, Ludovic Zuili is willing to tell us the bloody journey of a serial killer on the run between California and Nevada. The cultural influence of the American cinema is so important nowadays that anyone could imagine finding a dead body in a cheap motel room on the side of the road…

The dyptychs composition actually reminds us of the image sequences printed on film rolls. Here, one can stand between two shots: the last image of the shot on the sign, and the first image of the shot of the crime scene on the other hand.

To that purpose, Ludovic really wants the spectator to lead his own investigation: Why? How? Who…? His work is raising so many questions for the viewer’s imagination, who is progressively becoming a detective, ready to imagine the outcome of those plots.

Following the idea of the spectator becoming an actor, Ludovic has imagined an immersive scenography for this exhibition. A special decor will be constructed, including a motel room at the bottom and a motel sign at the top, where every visitor will be able to pose in front of Ludovic Zuili’s camera and imagine their own ninth way to die!


4 juin 2012

Shanghai Naço Gallery is proud to announce it’s new exhibition: Short Animation Films Screening, presenting Lei Leis’ animation work.

Lei Lei is a poetic  artist yet very aware of the realities of the world around us. Through charming graphic designs, powerful colors, abundant images and precise details, he brings us into his lyrical yet very realistic vision of the world. The cheerful rather light-hearted music emphasizes the satirical and humorous tone the artist is using to point at topics of current interests or highlight human behaviors presented in his meticulously-executed pieces of work.

Rising new generation animation artist with his hands on graphic design, illustration, short cartoon, graffiti and Hip-Hop music, Leilei founded design group « Raydesign studio » when still in school (2005) and won Zongri Cup design competitions’ golden prize In 2007.

Born in Beijing, Lei Lei studied in renowned Tsinghua University where he got his bachelors’ degree in animation. His work was first presented at the Shenzhen & HongKong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture in 2007. Lei Lei has also exhibited « Moon Landing Plan » in 2008 at the Nike Dunk Arts Exhibition and « Yali or ET » at the « instant comix » in HongKong and got awarded – Best Art Design in Animation at the International Animation Festival.